Unleashing Iron Man's 🤖Java Superpowers!🔥: Coding Chaos

Developed Iron Man in Java and my laptop flew🚀 Uncover the capabilities of Java's abstract classes and inheritance...

Unleashing Iron Man's 🤖Java Superpowers!🔥: Coding Chaos

Who knew coding could be a Marvel-ous adventure? 🦸‍♂️😂 Just unleashed 🤖Iron Man's powers in Java using abstract classes, methods, Encapsulation, inheritance and Polymorphism! 😎 🚀🚀WHAT DO WE LEARN ?? ✅Introduction: Dive into the world of Java coding with a Marvel-ous twist!

✅The Heroic Code: Discover how abstract classes and inheritance brought Iron Man to life in my Java code, and how my laptop almost took flight!

✅Fun Anecdotes: Share funny moments from the coding adventure, like when Iron Man's powers got a little out of hand.

✅Lessons Learned: Reflect on the importance of coding carefully, even when dealing with superheroic characters.

✅Conclusion: Wrap up with a call to action for readers to try the code and embrace their inner superhero coder!

✅Closing: Sign off with a heroic farewell, reminding readers that coding can be a superpower!

-----Check out the superhero code-----

package MondayPractice;

//Abstraction: Abstract superclass abstract class MarvelCharacter { // Encapsulation: Private variable with a public getter and setter private String name; private String alias;

public MarvelCharacter(String name, String alias) { this.name = name; this.alias = alias; }

public String getName() { return name; }

public String getAlias() { return alias; }

public void setAlias(String alias) { this.alias = alias; }

// Abstraction: Abstract method to be implemented by subclasses abstract void showOffPower(); }

class IronMan extends MarvelCharacter { public IronMan() { super("Tony Stark", "IronMan"); }

void showOffPower() { System.out.println( getAlias() + "(a.k.a" + getName() + ") \nshows off : 🤖 'Billionaire, Playboy, Phillanthropist'"); } }

public class AdvanceInheAbstractEncapsulation {

public static void main(String[] args) { MarvelCharacter ironMan = new IronMan();

MarvelCharacter[] mcu = { new IronMan() };

for (MarvelCharacter superhero : mcu) superhero.showOffPower();

} }

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